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Devan Brooks


33 years old

Seasons: 1, 2 , 3, 4 & 5

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"The C-46 is different than anything I've flown. It's one of the hardest to fly in the world, so it gives you self-satisfaction that I did go captain on it – I'll take that wherever I go to the next job."

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Devan is one of Buffalo's most trusted and adept pilots, and his finesse for flying the C-46 is in greater demand than ever before. After flying the valley run for four years, Devan has been through many hair-raising situations in a plane known to be the toughest to fly in the world. This year, new dad Devan doesn't let up on young copilots like Chris Staples, and shows them how to hit a target in the DC-4 water bomber.

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