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Jeremy Dow

Ramp Hand

21 years old

Season: 1

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"It kinda bugs me that Audrey and Wilf are going to get the nod before me, but I keep telling myself 'suck it up buttercup I'll be fine.'"

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Jeremy is an ambitious young pilot fresh out of flight school, with a sardonic sense of humour and very little patience. Hungry to make his move into the co-pilot's seat, but stuck in the Hay River hangar paying his dues, Jeremy is unhappy and uncensored – whether he's starting frozen vehicles at 4am, fighting the wind as it unfurls an engine tent, or struggling with courier packages that weigh more than he does.

When two new bright-eyed and enthusiastic rampies, Wilf and Audrey, arrive on the scene at Buffalo Airways, Jeremy realizes that he's got some competition for the cockpit, but every time it seems like he's getting closer to his goal, bad luck gets in his way. Every setback brings out more of Jeremy's frustration.

Rule number one for rampies at Buffalo is don't complain. if Jeremy can't suck it up, he might just sabotage any chance of getting ahead.

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