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“Buffalo” Joe McBryan

President & Owner

69 years old

Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

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"If you really want to experience flight in this life then you have to strap a DC-3 to your ass."

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Joe remembers the days in the North when, as a young bush pilot, he could trade a bag of oranges and a head of lettuce for accommodation because fresh produce was so scarce. Today his airline, Buffalo Airways, supplies the North with fresh produce by the planeload. But this northern aviation legend faces a new era as shortages of parts and fuel, as well as increased scrutiny from Transport Canada, threaten to ground his fleet of "piston pounders" for good. With a vast collection of vintage planes, Joe is the custodian of an aviation era, and he's as reluctant to retire his working warbirds as he is to retire himself. This season, Joe moves further into the future, committing to more modern planes when he goes on a global Electra buying mission. He then blows off steam in his first ever helicopter lesson, and rides shotgun with the world famous Snowbirds aerobatic squadron.

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