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Mikey McBryan

General Manager

30 years old

Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

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"Everybody here has been fired at least once. Myself, I've been fired on three occasions. But being fired at Buffalo Airways just means that you go home but you better be at work tomorrow morning because we frickin' need you."

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Smart and business-minded, Mikey is a born entrepreneur like his dad. He embraces his growing role as the face of the airline and welcomes hangar-guests from all corners of the earth, hoping to spread the Buffalo name and broker crucial business deals that will keep the company solvent in a ruthless industry. This season Mikey wrangles his Buffalo misfits to face off against a squad of NHL'ers, takes a crash course in High Arctic survival and juggles crisis after crisis to prove he's got what it takes to lead the company into the next era.

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