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Rod McBryan

Director of Maintenance

42 years old

Seasons: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5

horizontal rule

"These planes fly well, they're good in this area and versatile. Versatility is most important."

horizontal rule

He's respected by the mechanics, hard-working and soft spoken, but piss off Rod and you'll see who inherited Joe's temper. As the director of maintenance, the hangar is Rod's domain. Like his father, he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of vintage aircraft engines, and with his team of mechanics, he's kept Buffalo's warbirds flying well into their twilight years. This year Rod and best-bud Cory pal up with their hero, Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson, on a trip to the UK to overhaul a CL-215 water bomber and later get lost in the busy streets of London.

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