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Scott Blue


35 years old

Seasons: 1, 2 , 3, 4 & 5

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"There's just something about these old tanks that intrigues me, like how much longer are they going to be flying? They've been saying that for 30 years now and they're still going... but this is the end of an era."

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A few seasons ago, Scott thought his 6'7" height restricted him from flying in any plane but the C-46. But since then he's become one of Buffalo's most versatile employees, expanding his airplane repertoire to include the Electra and the CL-215 water bomber. Still, he's hungry for flying hours to reach his goal of becoming a captain, and as part of the Electra team this year he endures brutal weather, and the seemingly never-ending string of electrical snags the plane throws at them. This season, Scott mentors new co-pilots David and Graeme as they haul fuel around the clock in the Electra, and joins Mikey as a celebrity guest at the Abbotsford air show.

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